Abstrakte Kunst, Light and Sunshine, Sylke Gande München 2023
Lovers epressiv abstraktes Gemälde, Sylke Gande
Fluus Aquarell Isar München 2022 von Sylke Gande
Bunter Kakadu, Aquarell Sylke Gande 2022
Gelber Drachen Wagen Illustration


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Being creative is my life. When it comes to painting, I paint everything that moves me deeply. Love in many forms, death and change. Animals, angels, monsters or sword fighters live in my universe. Feelings are also transformed abstractly. The styles are as varied as the choice of colours. Red more...

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Kreativ zu sein ist mein Leben. Wenn es um die Malerei geht, male ich alles was mich tiefer bewegt. Liebe in vielen Formen, Tod und Veränderung. Auch Tiere, Engel, Monster oder Schwertkämpfer bevölkern mein Universum. Vieles wird auch abstrakt umgesetzt. Die Stile sind ebenso unterschiedlich wie die Farbwahl. Weiter lesen...

In this stressful times of corona in autumn 2020 I found a new forms of painting. Sumi-e, japanese ink painting. It is meditative. Giving structure and a chance for inner peace. I am very thankful that I have discovered this way, the teaching artist Karin Fröhlich

We start each course with spirals. 

Practice of different straight strokes

Flowers growing, soft and light.

The ink is rubbed and freshly made.

Learning brushstrokes for bamboo plants.